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Mexico times

I’ve been here in Mexico now for just about a year. I published a post before on the places and people and what I found here. Mexico has been more than just places and people though. It has been moments for me. I took a time out I guess from the times in Asia because honestly in July 2021, I was done. I could not go anywhere else. I felt like I had failed at things without being able to launch my startup there and missing by only that much. It especially hurt that I got the paperwork done, deposited venture capital that Vietnam insisted on, worked on business and management plans, engaged with Vietnamese tech and entrepreneurs around the travel and tourism industries, but then fell down.

Based on that, I left Vietnam. More though I left this comfortable Edge of life that had kept me, made me happy, gave me family and friends. I felt I thrived and not just survived in Hanoi. Like all the little switches were turned to the on position in my life there. Each day I walked, did yoga, meditated there and I felt more of Hanoi both showed itself and hid itself away from me. It is one of those cities to go wander in, write about, find charming, desolate, wondrous sights. Many become personal memories in my Day One journals and others became my works here like Xin Chao Vietnam.

So this was the backdrop of leaving and then bumming around months on Amtrak heading east and west which I have also written about on the blog. Mexico though was more than just people and places. It was the moments I wanted. Asia exhausted me in some ways and I wanted to see if another life could be found perhaps traveling to Belize, Costa Rica, Panama. Even living in those places awhile. My intention through my times in Puerto Vallarta which was September to December 2021 was to leave in March after a short trip to Houston for Panama. A few things came up with the moments. One was Puerto Vallarta itself. I fell in love and lust with the city and beauty there.

Then the winding little side streets captured me. Small cafes, friendly people, wonderful food. Cold beer. Moments!

I just loved the meaningless vagabonding around Puerto Vallarta.

Come December, I had decided to go to Merida because the soul and spirit of the city attracted me. Little did I know I would simply fall in love there too with all it offers. It is not just some big city. It is a city of neighborhoods and districts and one can walk through them if desired with camera in hand. It creates timeless moments of sights and sounds.

There is this timeless soul to the city that created this wonder and desire to just come back again. I have to be honest though. I could not stay in some small fishing village. I need big city things and history and culture. I guess I like taco stands and wonderful malls and international restaurants for my moments. Merida delivers on all this for me.

Then in March as I was thinking of coming back, suddenly Cambodia opened. I booked flights back. I found an airbnb, called a visa agent there, made arrangements to stay. Then the whole thing closed again for getting a longer term visa. I decided to return for the entire time to Merida. I am so glad I did because a number of things would not have happened like these.

La Paz trip. I think the La Paz trip took me from the Yucatan to the desert and I loved the city so much. It had all the wonderful things but in a completely different setting for me. Wonderful restaurants, cold beer along the beach walk, friendly people. There is this cool mix of history and culture and then the beach areas. The historic downtown really got me though. I simply loved the buildings and signs and how it all transformed so gradually to the Malecon or beach walk.

So La Paz was a lot of fun for a week. My airbnb had everything in it I could want. Breakfasts were a blast. The city was walkable and I got to roam the moments each day as I wished.

Yucatan Tour. I would then go on this rather cool yet expensive tour I decided to really end my times with. The tour took 7 days or so to visit archeological sites, beautiful beaches, and this one place. Bacalar. It is a magical town but so much more. It has this timeless essence to it. Like a rest stop for the soul and spirit.

So first the archeological sites we got to see astounded me with their complexity and yet access. We could climb all over them.

Then at the end of the day exploring, we would find ourselves back in the land of lagoons of different colors. I have to say, if you want a place beyond people and place, pick Bacalar. Just don’t go with hurry or rush in your soul. You will not find happiness if you carry with you that American tool called impatience. Instead Bacalar delights with its mañana approach to all things.

I felt like the moments had given me pause. Like Bacalar was this rebirth of moments of no consequence at all. Mexico basically has many Bacalar type places I think but none are like the real thing.

Back to Merida and Leaving

So the year kind of came about and left and if asked, I could not put a finger on where it went actually but sure enough it has left and I am now watching the closing moments of being here slowly dissolving. A few days in California. See an old friend from the .com days and my wonderful daughter. Board the plane again to get back to the place I had left just about.

Cambodia welcomes me back with nice visa policies and a relaxed lifestyle that I just fall back into. First Phnom Penh to get my feet back into gear with this edge and then perhaps a new home in Siem Reap. Even an apartment after a week or so of playing around.

I don’t have some plan leaving besides a Uber to the Merida airport and some sadness as this wonder place slips away. But I also know this post has been about the moment and not the places or people. I have moments to find and moments are much better than how we account for time.

Back to Asia. Dare I whisper back to Vietnam? Well Hell ya. Because in all this, Vietnam has forever whispered to my heart and soul. Telling me it loves me. Needs me. Sometimes perhaps pouting because I left but understanding. It also transfixes me sometimes with the thought of being so much closer. So much easier to simply fly an hour and be there. Like so many times I ran away to Vietnam for a week, a month, a bunch of moments.

I’ll be blogging daily but my moments skip away like the stone effortlessly bouncing the far and deep water before sinking in yet another spot.

That’s this report. This post. My year in moments in Mexico.

Take care all.

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