in moments

focus point

I spent the morning blissfully unfocused. Watched a 58 keys video on the kindle. Started a blog post and then stopped. Listened to music and did not stop. I did have momentary bursts of clarity but pretty much gave up until now.

Coffee at the mall. I decided after a wondrous sip of the americano to eat at the mall later. Perhaps. I am not so sure. Perhaps I need a second sip of their elixir of focus.

Instead though I look at my photos from yesterday. Out walking yesterday was the neighborhood starting with Diaz Ordaz or my place.

Of course the sky was simply beautiful yet the electronics tower splits it and almost point to the blue depths.

Along the way are these small open fields and I see the ruined concrete fence posts. Perhaps like silent guardians.

Standing amidst the lush green. A soldier alone. A last duty.

Yeah. Focus points gained or lost on a walk. Then lost with the morning and no real endeavors. Gained again at the mall.

On offer. Coffee and tables and people. The older men gathering. Laughing. Smiling. Small focus points left for us all to find a meaning of. Or not.

I did lose what day it was first thing. Par for my course. On with the coffee.

  1. It’s curious how or focus can wander through out the day. There are days where it annoys me (though less so these day) and there are days were I encourage it. Those days can be interesting in just what I do focus on, so yeah, I get it. Sometimes we just need to focus in on the exact minute or, just nothing at all, and let the day flow over us.

  2. @mpmilestogo Yeah, have to agree, some days I can focus and then, other days? Not so much. I’m guessing your mind is focused on your upcoming travel plans and less so on anything specific there, were you are.

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