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Wednesday Morning Music and Sunshine

It seems as the days slowly swing by, my mornings focus themselves on doing little or nothing. Which is about what I always do. I read a little on this expat forum site I belong to.

I also look curiously at the amount of instant coffee left because I blogged about it yesterday I think. My daughter called me yesterday I think it was. I am not good with days. We talked for a long time about her life and mine. About her being glad to see me again and not being sad that I am leaving again. She understands me. She laughed because I told her not to tell her mom. She gets that too. We will meet in a week and a day for a late lunch and I’ll buy her a bbq lunch and a beer. Then the next day I disappear. That rhymes!

I have thought of going this time and written in Day One about it a bit. I’m not good with prognosticating over music and sunshine but this feels like a step to not be retaken. I don’t really want back to the US. Ever. I left before and have doodled around the last year between Mexico and loving it. Houston and hating it. Now it feels like this step is meant to take me to a new place or an old place or some place. It matters not new or old. What matters is the going.

Then the morning music spins around to Jackson Browne. He always touches the chord of my soul. Wednesday morning has right now. I have this little plan for today. I will take my laundry the last time to the friendly lavanderia. Maybe I will stop at Tony’s for the last time and get tacos. Or I could go have some eggs for breakfast today. So many possibilities with this Wednesday.

Other things?

Well, there really are not any this Wednesday. I have fresh fruit and even some donuts so my second coffee will include pastries and a banana. Ain’t life grand? I’m sure I will do something today like take a nice walk, maybe stop and get some food for dinner. I have been eating cheap in the room for dinners. I’m a regular at WalMart and keep an appreciative eye on their prepared food aisles. Perhaps today I will do a cheap Chinese restaurant later for dinner I know. It is buffet style so I usually get two plates of food.

There you have it. A Wednesday spent in the room. Now the AC going because I like AC. Merida is quiet. Peaceful like always in my neighborhood until the dogs get going because this guy rides by on a bike with his dog running by him. Now though, it is a Wednesday morning in the Yucatan. My last one.

Perhaps that is the main thing. My last Wednesday in Merida and Mexico. I would say forever because I am not coming back to Mexico. I’m done here. Just for you… A nice little sunset from Mexico.

Just like my time here. I’m heading to yet another Edge.

  1. Hey Mike,

    You’ll have a great time in The States with your daughter, it’s a good deal 🙂

    Starting my morning with music/instant, too

    Rock on 😀

    • Thanks TMO! Have yourself a great Wednesday! I’m on to instant coffee number 2 and still music. At some point I will have to walk to the laundry service and turn the clothes in. The music and coffee and the AC is just working right now :-).

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