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no digital camera for me

I guess perhaps I waited too long to get an older compact or pocket camera. I had my sights set on an older Sony RX 100 mark iii. It seemed the perfect match of function and size. Then I realize it would not ship in time for me. So I cancelled the order.

What it all made me realize though is that for me the most perfect camera is the one I have. The iPhone 12 Pro with a pro camera app or two not only satisfies me but for my uses is perfect. I want to capture my day to day wherever. My sights. Even sounds. This phone with all its wonderful computational magic gives me so much flexibility. Far beyond carrying yet another device. And it’s iPhone tough. And photos are mine to share and edit even right away.

I don’t often shoot in ProRAW but it’s there. I don’t worry about some look or composition or rule of thirds. What I do want is fun and ease and use.

A second camera with its batteries and cables and cards just seems like a lot to manage when all I want is to go. I will be getting the iPhone 14 pro next year either in Cambodia or Vietnam. I will still look at different digital cameras but it will be tempered with the measurement of what I have now, how happy I am with it, how it fits my lifestyle. How it does do my daily life.

Im happy in retrospect to not have yet another device to manage. This device gives me all I want plus more.

  1. @mpmilestogo When I started out, I had a Zorki 4K film camera and, as soon as I could bought a digital because of most of what you described. But, with the advent of phones with cameras?Well, I hardly use my digital SLR these days in favour of my iPhone.

  2. @AlexWolfe yep! I think we all reach some decision point with these things. I had known when the iPhone 11 Pro came out the days of a digital camera for my uses was numbered. I still had the Fuji X-T30 and a few lens. Those things went away. The iPhone stayed. I spent months going with the iPhone 11 and enjoying it immensely. Now the iPhone 12 Pro is fun.

  3. I don’t blame ya – being a person who never owned a “real” camera, I don’t see what the fuss is with them. When a phone camera is so *right there* at easy access, more shots will be taken, more to enjoy later, etc. Plus the hassle of messing with cables, SD cards, etc.

    Still looking forward to some nice shots, and the iPhone 12 (and beyond) will work great for them! πŸ™‚

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