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An Afternoon spent on Mural Street in Hanoi

Some time ago, I visited this wonderful street with murals that forms the backdrop for the Long Bien Bridge in Hanoi The street has numerous wonderful painted and detailed murals on life in Vietnam. Contrary to most other places there is no graffiti or paint marring their beauty. One can walk the entire street, see Vietnamese people also doing the same and end at a coffee shop or Bia Hoi across the street enjoying. So without further words, here is a photo walk on a day spent on Mural Street almost at the Old Quarter in Hanoi Vietnam.

Walking the street

Welcome to the street. Mural street.

All of this on a single expression of art and beauty.

I particularly loved the scenes of real life and the murals. I made up captions for each photo.

I fantasized about the young man missing the girl as she left. He felt lost as she wandered away. Perhaps finding no words to bring her back.

Or perhaps the dog barking at the girls or disturbed in slumbers by the loud motorbikes pulling up.

The young woman sitting just out of reach on the street.

Wonderful shopping on Hang Ma street. See the masks? The young girl holding her mom’s hand.

Finally the artist creating his wonderful calligraphy while the impatient motorbikes gather in front.

Mural Street is just north of the Old Quarter in Hanoi. It is a wonderful place to stop and have a stroll, see the beautiful mural artistry and paintings, and maybe stop for a coffee and just watch the people. I really enjoyed the blending of fact and fiction, the beautiful and detailed paintings, and the many benches to sit and observe.

Hope you enjoyed the visit.