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Chocolate Chip Muffin, banana and room coffee

In the mornings, the favored things are those. For whatever reason, I have this thing for the WalMart bakery chocolate chip muffins. No butter, not heated. Just the regulars. Most often there is music. I like some of the music collections on Apple Music and the service just works for me. So I queue up some stuff I like. Softer in the mornings. No specific artist. Just whatever comes up next is good. Then a bite of muffin and sometimes this black cat comes to my door. I think she asks a question but I don’t understand and I don’t leave food because the airbnb owner has enough cats already. Yet the cat is vocal and sometimes stares at me with those green and blue eyes. Perhaps searching an answer deep within my soul to her soul. I don’t comprehend the feeling but I get the desire.

I also think on having a week or so left in Mexico. Think back on the years in Vietnam and leaving there on a July evening and flying to Narita Japan. Looking out the window and watching this life slip away. Not knowing then when I would find it again. It took a year and I have something of answer. Well, not a true answer because I don’t deal in them. I don’t really know the things besides a next thing. In a week and days I leave behind the WalMart and its wonderful chocolate chip muffins and Wendy that always helps me at the checkout and speaks English. I try to always go through her aisle.

I always wonder why people need things in their lives. I don’t understand minimalists who then buy analog stuff like typewriters that then need ribbons and paper and pens and pencils and erasers and perhaps cleaning and maintenance. It is like the same thing with most things it occurs to me between bites of the muffin and sips of the coffee. Most things require yet other things to make them function. We buy in to not only the thing but take all the other things. I wrote on cars and RVs and trailers before. They all suck the soul from people over the course of time because they require attention. I am best suited having absolutely nothing really. Besides these chocolate chip muffins and my morning banana. When they are gone, they’re gone.

Not like cars and boats and trailers and RVs.

I’ll just go back to my muffin. Oh… It is gone now. The morning room coffee remains and Merida out the back door. The sky has this purple tint now and clouds scud the slanted opening of my door. This airbnb goes away too. Enjoyed but limited. This country fades away in a week. A delightful taste of the Edge that has prepared me for more of the meal.

  1. Hear hear on the less stuff part (and the muffin part – sounds tasty!). I’m very well geared towards the “less but efficient” manner of things. I have a non-touched TV, and a few other random objects that fall into the “could be used, but is not being used” category, and I am fine with them, as long as they do not impose on me just using the laptop, phone, preparing and enjoying my meals, coffee, absorbing nature on the balcony, going to/from wherever I want to go, etc. And it’s good for anyone to NOT be “stuff-centric”, because 99.9% of the time, and 99.9% of the stuff just ends up burdening the person rather than proving itself useful.

    Nice post, Mike 🙂

    Say “hi” to the cat for me 🙂

    • Hahaha. Meow! I bet the cat would like you TMO. The muffin was good. It was my last one. Its a shame. I get them in packages of 4. Another reason to go walk to WalMart and get a refill. It is funny and I bet you can relate. I have a large thing of instant coffee. It has this much left and I am wondering whether it will last me. I’d hate to run out but I also don’t want to just buy more when I’m leaving. I am gonna leave some stuff here I bought for the room like plastic microwave containers. The whole thing about stuff you are so right on. I had stuff for decades. Even a wife. Let me tell ya. If I had the choice of a wife and any other thing, I would probably take any other thing. As long as it ain’t a thing with all those nasty dependencies. Of all things, my ex wife had the most dependencies I think.

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