in moments, places

Friday Morning blog time

It is another one of those beautiful mornings Merida seems graced with. Sun shining and warm breezes gently rock the plants in the backyard. A cat talks perhaps impatiently. I find more words it seems in the mornings to write of the day and even the day before. I got the nicest haircut from the shop. I will miss them a lot. Debbie does the best facials ever! Nice massage too. It just just a wonder place with Daniel bringing up his skill and fun times. Conversation runs rampant in both Spanish and English since Daniel is from the US.

Then I got to get out walking after the rain in the afternoons which is another constant now. We get rains and thunder boomers from about 2 to 7pm every day. Rainy season. The rest of the days are beautiful. Last night I ventured out to flowers it seems.

It is just the little scene stealers I enjoy the most in my neighborhood. Sometimes a riot of shapes and colors.

It is always for me the daily scenes of a life spent wandering aimlessly the Diaz Ordaz and beyond neighborhoods or districts.

This Friday is best spent with the room coffee this morning, some music and enjoying the moments of Merida. It is also good to bring to you a Friday with no notions or ideas. Just take it and run.

I do.