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Live in Siem Reap

Hi all. For a long time, both here in Merida and before in Hanoi I kind of focused on daily things. Going to coffee, finding a store, eating. I’ve felt the need for a new project or thing I can do to express some creativity, continue to blog here, but also find the daily beat of Siem Reap Cambodia. I decided to embark on this little project with a brand new category which I will do once I live in Siem Reap. The goals, if there are any, are to:

  • capture daily life in Siem Reap Cambodia using my iPhone 12 Pro to capture video and photos.
  • combine the video or photos with narrative here on the blog.
  • continue for whatever time I wish but I would like this to be more random and as it occurs rather than over a week or a period of time.
  • not do this on some other micropublishing outlet like a newsletter. Use the blog because I feel it is the most suited for writing on the go given my choices in publishing using Ulysses

I arrive in Siem Reap on 1 October and will kick it off that day by the 6 hour or so bus ride from Phnom Penh. My first weeks will be spent renewing my acquaintance with Siem Reap, meeting some friends there, and just going. Probably into the first week I will be looking at apartments to rent for a year and will decide on one before the 15th when my airbnb runs out there.

I decided to do this with a separate category on WordPress because it seems like it will fit well. I also want this to be more spontaneous than planned like a newsletter. The blog here makes that very possible but I can also combine the words each time I do a post.

Finally, using the iPhone 12 Pro lets me focus on both the writing and creativity since capturing street scene and daily life images and video is excellent on the iPhone and I also get the writing tools I prefer to use like IAWriter and Ulysses. Hauling around a digital camera does nothing for me and just makes it all more difficult. Being able to spontaneously create, write, and share is much easier with a single device.

I will also crosspost the posts to my mastodon instance so you can find them there too.

Looking forward to bringing Siem Reap to daily life.

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