in moments

Tuesday Sloth and Laziness

Well, I really had no things to get done today so spent the morning listening to audiobooks and then watching movies on YouTube for whatever reason. I always consider in the mornings what dinner would look like but today I kinda decided to go later to the mall and eat there. I have this desire for one of the meals the food court cafes serves today. It’s nice to just sit around too and spend time reading or just people watching. Same mall I go to just about every day for coffee but this time I’ll enjoy some cheap lunch or early dinner.

I’m pretty enthused about Cloudways being acquired by DigitalOcean hosting. I’ve used DO for years for building a quick site, sometimes used it before to host other things like VPN or email. I gave up those things years ago when I wanted to simplify the existence a bit. Now I feel Cloudways represents the best for WordPress hosting for me. I can just spend a little more and let them manage the VPS for me, give me security and patching, management, services. Stuff that makes WordPress fun to use. Their migration plugin works like a charm as well.

I guess the other thing contributing to my general laziness is having about 13 days left in Mexico. My friends in Vietnam are getting rather excited and I get more messages asking me when and where for things. Because of the limited e-visa for Vietnam, I can only do 30 days or I have to leave and then get another e-visa which seems like a lot of work when I can just leave and come back later and enjoy somewhere else or go back to what will be my place in Siem Reap. Malaysia is open now and I can get 90 days visa free there. I’d like to do another 3 months there like before. Visit Melaka, GeorgeTown, Kuala Lumpur. Thailand also has some visa changes but I am not enthusiastic ever about visiting Thailand. I just don’t like it there. Malaysia just offer so much more with their cultures and history and English is widely spoken. Seems like between the basic ASEAN countries I can be busy just going again.

Many of the countries I enjoy most are now open.

Cambodia will give me a year visa renewable every year easily and I can enter and leave as I please. Entering is easy with the retirement visa at any land or air station.

So the Tuesday indulgence continues after eating some wonderful seedless grapes and just listening to music and considering the day here. I can sit on the good WiFi, read and write, reflect and think on my last year here. I’ve done a retrospective blog post when leaving a place in the past. Vietnam was really difficult after almost two years there. Mexico I think will be easier. So perhaps look for a post around 5 September which will be more personal in nature about leaving and arriving but most about the going.

Soon food time and kicking back at the mall.