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Monday Morning and two weeks

I woke up this morning realizing that only 14 days to go. It amazes me I managed to stay put in Mexico for a year just about. I arrived here in September last year in Puerto Vallarta. Spent three months there and then found Merida for the first time. I determined to return after getting a new tourist card good for 180 days at a stretch. So I did a visa run or whatever to Houston. I don’t care to ever go back to Houston. Strange and sad place.

So this morning with the room coffee, music and the beautiful Merida morning streaming in the open back door, I can sit and decide to put some words next to each other.

One thing which has been a constant in the years of going is having nothing. If it won’t fit in a 65 liter travel duffel it will not go. Cars, land, RVs, trailers, even people. It also means I have no debt. The land of nothing is pretty easy. The word nothing really means “no things”. Things seem pretty destructive and they breed more things. Take a car. A car actually is four or so things all bundled and tied in a costly ribbon just for you. Consider it. I think a car is:

  1. maintenance
  2. licensing
  3. Insurance
  4. Gas or electric or whatever

Other things do the same or even more. I left it all behind back in 2014 when I moved into a room after some years of living in a wonderful 5 bedroom home. Divorce struck but I figure with the best of outcomes. It took awhile but I got rid of a lot of debt. I learned along the way credit cards and things are evil. Neither bring happiness. When I left the US, everything went. My little car I had bought went to my daughter. Other things just went until there was only a backpack in an empty room in Newark, California. Then I drove to work across the bridge to Silicon Valley and got rid of that.

So I’ve lived this same way whether in Asia or brief stints in the US, or now in Mexico. Now in two weeks I go back. It seems amazing to me or perhaps surreal. Friends in Vietnam are getting excited and so am I. I plan on being in Vietnam end of December for a month. A wonderful, zany, crazy month in Hanoi and a few days in Saigon. The people in Hanoi though. My wonderful Lily waiting and forever messaging me she is excited and impatient to go with me anywhere, drink, eat. Repeat as required. Vietnamese coffee! Oh how I have yearned and dreamed since the last Ca Phe Sua Da in Chicago uptown in Little Vietnam.

Its not going back… It is going

Yeah. I have realized in my life there is no back to go to. Everything is just going. Places change as soon as I turn my back. Friends in Cambodia and Vietnam have been there or not. If not, perhaps they were not friends after all but wanted something else. But they are gone. Now it is the people that matter and others to come along that will matter. My friends here, R and Paul I doubt I will see again for awhile. I will get to see an old friend in California. This person, Sean, I traveled to Texas with almost every week and worked on enterprise accounts with early adopters of corporate Linux like IBM and Dell. Back in the hazy, crazy .com days. Then I go.

Not back. I just go. In two weeks. Fucking amazing but so real. Almost. When I get on the Aeromexico flight from the Merida airport to Mexico City (yikes) and then to SFO, it is real. This time though San Francisco only for days thank all the forces. Three days and then the long haul reality to Korea and another longer flight to Phnom Penh. Reminds me when I left the first time for Japan. That opened a world to me.

This will too. Damned exciting.