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Writing in IA Writer and Ulysses

Having choices is difficult at times since I really love both of these apps. I don’t mind subscription costs since it costs to enter other things when I want to visit like parks and museums. Many things are not one time costs and help to pay the freight of continued advancement or change. These apps cross the boundaries though for me so I decided to just create a simple way to write in both in simple markdown if I wish. The easiest way is to add a folder that is in IA Writer’s iCloud folder and then mount it up as an external folder in Ulysses. I can then copy stuff back and forth as I want. Ulysses will export as standard markdown and that is all IA Writer does. Often I don’t add images until I reach some parity point with writing unless that is all the post is about. I also added in IA Writer to my WordPress blog so I can publish directly. There’s a key difference though. Ulysses gives me nice controls over the publishing while IA Writer just does a draft post. It opens in a Safari window and then lets me select categories or tags (I don’t use tags, so sue me), final edits, etc. Ulysses lets me update posts from the app. Guess which one I like most :-).

Truth is though for me it is not either or when choosing. I am writing this post in IA Writer now. I like the focus point it offers to writing and the lack of evident features and bells or their whistles. It really is just words. Words mean feelings, emotions, catharsis, release so even a simple thing like discussing a writing app gives me the sense I have advanced my writing yet another step.

Now being able to choose which app I want on a day make this Sunday morning ready for a second coffee and perhaps some fruit and a muffin early on. It is Sunday. So Sunday Starbucks applies.

Take care.