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I’ve been thinking of ways to share stories, places and photos as I get ready to leave Mexico. One way is how Mikka did his wonderful Camino reporting. The use of the Find Penguins iOS app is appealing but it also seems limiting. There is no RSS feed and the steps and moments seem locked in to the app. Ray did create an RSS feed but not all of us can do that. I could share the step which links to the entry and it would be shared with text, maps and photos. This seems good at first view but I view the blog as the starting point for a few reasons.

  1. An app is not needed to view my steps if they are blog posts
  2. The blog post can be posted to my mastodon instance
  3. The writing can be continuous and I can then sum up the day in one post with different discussions and photos.

I think the last point is compelling. The blog serves as the baseline and not an app. An app needs someone to use it and then to share the post. The reach seems so limited and the production so stilted in some ways and that’s where the blog can shine. Finally is the writing and I’ve covered in usual roundabout methods the points. Each one seems to point at something like a daily post compiled during the evening with different photos and text through that day and then the post placed on my mastodon instance.

I don’t think I can just do the Find Penguins app as I prepare to move around the globe. It seems too confining and limiting. I want the words and meaning to just flow to the posts and not be locked in or limited by the very lack of reach of an app.

So what I’ve come up with is,

  • write a post at least once a day with a compilation of photos and writing of the day.
  • post to mastodon as I want

I’ll probably not share the photos on mastodon as well but that could change. To me the record is the movement and the movement goes from Merida Mexico to Siem Reap Cambodia. It is in pieces separated by a short stay in California and then a layover in Korea. Finally a longer step or steps in Phnom Penh and a bus ride to my new place. I hesitate to say “home” because I don’t feel that yet. It is a step and stop I’ve decided to grab the same daily evidence of and share. It is a longer step and stop too. I believe I will setup shop there with an apartment. That is something I have not had for almost 10 years. Perhaps it will become home.

So that’s where I’ve ended up. Just the beginning really but I want to just use this blog as the mechanism and not an app that immediately becomes limited in its reach and access. Now we can pick up and drive this thing down the road!

Make sense? Comments?

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