in places

writing to go

I have been playing with different apps to write. The goal is less friction and more fun to sit down like now and just let the words go. Others claim writing is like a switch. Turn it on or sometimes it turns off. This is not writing to me. Writing to me is a continuum of expression and ideas. Thoughts and reflections. Photos and memories. Writing flows to me. Sometimes I find the words on a day. Other times the words find me. There is no off.

So the app must be able to follow me along. Hold the long and short pieces. Publish to my WordPress blog, give me a virtual desk, paper and pen ready to go.

Perhaps like this one scene from yesterday I found.

The plant sprouting up to claim it’s time. To hinder the view. To say,

here I am

Words do the same with me and they always have. Some days I don’t feel them and they wait. Other times it’s a rush to reach Ulysses and write. Perhaps that is why the other apps don’t work. They start and stop at different points on the landscape to me. When I came back to Ulysses from obsidian I knew this was better for my words on the go. I don’t need atomic notes and gardens and second brains. I just need to feel and sense what is coming and demands to be let go.

It’s the release I think. The movement of the sheet in Ulysses. The feeling. There’s no writing block or loss. There is either writing or not. Like working on my book. I choose the words sometimes. Other times they choose me.

This one medium has been the middle ground for me where MarsEdit and Drafts and IAwriter are not. I need to have the entire piece of things like now sitting in a food court. Hearing the friendly buzz of conversations. But I’m apart from that now. It is me and the words.