park days

One of the nicest things just wandering in Merida are the city parks. They seem located exactly in places where I want to stop. A shady park bench. Little green spaces. Yet busy Merida all around.

Back when I visited Taipei Taiwan it seemed like that city had this park idea down. One could wander the city after riding the metro and parks and green places spring up all over on google maps.

Just like there some here are community places. Some are located by schools. Some seem deserted. My favorite park here is Aleman Park. My friend Celia took me after coffee one night and I just roamed around. Found a taco stand. Posed for taco selfie with owner. Then some evening strolls around the park and a ride home.

In Taipei the parks seemed to go from little blocks to large community grounds with basketball. Others were by morning and evening markets where some of the best street food in creation could be found. One of my favorites was this corn roasted on open fires with spices and chili added. I’d stop and enjoy the corn, look at all the small shops stuffed with goods. You ever been to a true Asian market? Like those in Vietnam or Cambodia? They are microcosms of their neighborhoods. Same as Aleman Park. Vendors show up at night selling popcorn, drinks, food. Kids are out in full force.

Yeah. Life at a small park. A bench. A moment with warm breezes. It’s life.

Catch ya later. Maybe at another park.