little things to get done

Some days I am destined for big little things or little big things. Today it is little little things. Having a room coffee and watching some history videos, reading a little news, chocolate chip muffin and banana served.

At some point I decide it’s time to walk to the lavanderia and get my clothes done. It’s a 10 minute walk through my neighborhood and then down to shop where the nice English speaking lady works. I can come back tomorrow evening if I want and get the clothes all done. It costs $3 but I give her a $.50 tip in pesos.

Then it’s down to the mall because I feel like coffee and a nice breakfast torta and the wonderful baristas always greet me with smiles behind face masks. Eyes crinkle up and they ask how I am in Spanish. Always tell me good morning. I often answer in English because two of the baristas speak some. So it’s coffee. I can sit with my grande americano coffee and watch little times transpire. The friendly people always wishing me good morning. I’m a fixture now I guess and always sit over an hour to read, watch and do little. Because today is a little little day.

I shopped yesterday so no groceries needed. If there were I would maybe shop at Soriana which is more traditional or Walmart Express if I want some food like canned hormel chili. Both have nice selections of fruits. Now a profusion of dragon fruit and strawberries and wonderful red apples.

So there’s my little little day. I still count the days down and Thursday I’ll go to a wonderful barbershop owned by Daniel for my last haircut, beard trim and facial. Daniel is from the US and he’s a nice young guy and supremely talented at his craft.

There’s not really anything left. Oh… you want a photo? Ok. Here’s one for you. From somewhere else.

A little Singapore for you. Happy little days. Maybe close to little India. See how it all fits together? 😃