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Almost a month now on Cloudways Hosting

It has been a really great month with using Cloudways to host the blog. Gone are the needs to SSH in and do updates or worry about issues or problems. I setup the instance for my blog to be on DigitalOcean in Singapore since I’m moving to Asia soon and Cambodia wifi is a little different. But the main thing is the transparent nature of their cloud hosting. I migrated the blog using their migration tool and things just worked from the accounts to plugins to themes. I only use a few plugins like the WebMention and Semantic plugins which let me see folks that like or comment on my blog on Mastodon.

For me, the difference has been very nice and I just wanted to commend Cloudways for providing such a superlative service and at a wonderful price point. They recommend a bigger VPS but the smallest premium scale works fine for my blog. They login and do security and maintenance, manage the server. They abstract all that stuff for me. At some point I will upgrade the block storage because I do upload photos a lot but right now I don’t think I have much to worry about with storage. I can see at a glance how the server is doing with storage which is nice and also if I were interested I can see information on traffic. I don’t much care about that so I breeze over the visits and clicks or whatever the heck they’re called. I only write this for the creativity and sharing not for clicks. If you like the blog, fantastic! I appreciate all comments and all the kind people leaving comments on mastodon. But in truth the blog is for me to write. Cloudways just satisfies the itch to have something out there but not have to worry about it running on a self-hosted platform.

I’d highly recommend them for someone like me who just wants to get on with the writing part, the sharing part, the creating part and not worry about the “apt update, apt upgrade” part or all the other things they just do as a hosting partner.

In other news or so

The days continue to count down for me. I have three weeks to the day left in Mexico. I am getting rather impatient to leave. I’ve lived here a year spread between a few trips here and there and longer stays once in Puerto Vallarta and twice in Merida. By far, I’ve enjoyed Merida the most. The people, food, city, safety here.

But I’m ready to go. Phnom Penh calls my name I think. One day I found a wonderful woman driving a tuktuk there. Her smile says it all I think.

Perhaps that is the essence of Asia in so many ways. And I am going back in mere weeks.

  1. Happy you have found a good host. That’s key to frictionless blogging.

    Blog on!

  2. I moved last year from a host I’d been with a while but whose service kept declining to the point they lost all my data in a breach that cause huge problems. I decided to change to a Canadian company and, so far, things have run smoothly.

    I’m glad Cloudways is working out for you and hope everything runs smoothly on the other side of the planet.

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