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Saturday always shines to me

It seems the weather lately in Merida has been glorious. Often the mornings are just beautiful but yesterday and hopefully through this weekend we will have beautiful and warm conditions. One of the days I will be doing a downtown central thing because that side of Merida is so worth visiting. Restaurants, beautiful colonial buildings, coffee shops. Its a 20 minute or so uber ride to where I would go. I like starting at one of the many downtown parks and then just going.

Today and yesterday though just shine. So of course yesterday I went out to find things and also play with a new iPhone camera app which it turns out is a lot of fun. The current play app is Camera+2 which does a whole bunch of fun things. I am no photographer and don’t want to be and I hardly take photography seriously. It is more of the way to capture my days and give me back all the memories so the iPhone 12 Pro works very well for me. I tried dedicated cameras and they always broke. FujiFilm cameras and Panasonic. Very expensive and I cannot see the difference in saving memories to my cloud storage or sharing on mastodon or pixelfed.

Now Merida has been shining in the days and I sit with morning coffee. Morning coffee on a Saturday. I hardly need to say only 23 days left. It was funny and interesting that after seeing my friend Maique post this on his blog that a friend would send me an unsolicited email about a job at this unnamed Linux and open source company. These days, job offers are few and far between thankfully because I just refuse those that come in. I think the last one was from my last employer that asked me to manage this data center thing remotely which I turned down. Anyways, the essence is something I have thought many times. I gave up a few things years ago when I left the whole work thing. I stopped with tracking time, tasks, responsibilities, ambitions, goals. All that crap. I bet the whole personal and professional productivity scene is replete with apps to help you manage your things. I have no things to go manage. So going back to work was never a serious contender. Work sounds like something I would never do again.

Instead I find interesting iPhone camera apps and I write blog posts and go where I please when I please. Ain’t it all grand :-).

Welcome to my Saturday. Room coffee awaits my pleasure.

  1. @mpmilestogo I’m working, slowly, my way to that 🤣 Turning down assignments gives me a little buzz, can’t wait to be in a position where I can do that more often. It will probably take years, but I’ll get there. In the meantime, I’ll take the coffee and photos with the iPhone!Have a great Saturday.

  2. Photos via phone is the way to go, for sure. I was even hesitant at *that* for some time, because I got super nervous about framing a shot, and I wasn’t confident with whatever I snapped.

    Also, I realized that I need to slow down my reading – I took the time to read every word of this post, unlike scanning/skimming through so many things I read nowadays – absorbing the “key” parts of it, and I feel better for having gotten the “entire gist” of the entry.

    Stay well, Mike 🙂

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