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Day One Tongue Wagging

I’ve written a daily journal entry in Day One for some years. For about 5 years I kept diaries in markdown files so I moved them around to Ulysses or IA Writer or whatever. But now the tongue wagging is done in Day One because for me it offers the best of all things. I really enjoy the tracking of my times and the history of journals and locations and photos I add. The daily entries have persisted and I’ve felt sometimes I should add a daily photo to just really jog the memory upon future writing.

I cannot see a time when I don’t do Day One or I decide to simply migrate to some other software. Of all the stuff I have used and quit or continue, Day One has been this constant thing with writing a daily accord.

Last year I split off the journal into a new file. Prior to that I had about 1000 entries in one file which covered some years. Some years I guess I did not write every day. When I kept the journal in markdown, I had one document divided into dates so finding a specific entry was easy with searching but I did not have the real record. I rarely included photos and I don’t know where some of the entries happened besides working in California or traveling somewhere or leaving at the end of those journal days. I had thought of copying them to Day One, but too much work and they are a record as they are of how the journey has progressed or not.

Reasons why I mention this…

Only to reinforce how important this has become to me. This daily writing sometimes or most times longer entries. I’d never presume to tell others to either keep a personal touch or use Day One to do the touching. What I do know is it has worked for me through work, divorce, happiness, sadness. What else could one ask for a companion? Oh encryption because the words are mine in the end. No printing because then the words are not mine. I did decide to start a new journal each year. I don’t know why really. Day One just deals with both files as easily as one. In January 2023, who the F knows what will have happened. I do know one thing. Day One will have gone with me. Held my words, feelings. Could not ask for a better companion to carry some extremely personal thoughts.

Don’t look to me to impress on you the significance of writing a daily journal or diary. It is a choice. Mine has become the daily recording of whatever it is.

End of the tongue wagging for a Monday morning. Back to coffee and music.