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I’ve had this feeling for awhile that I needed to take a longer break from being on Mastodon. It sometimes seems frustrating or I get upset at myself for not writing more or deciding how I want to publish my Going West stories. When I had the Obsidian Publish site, publishing the longer works seemed more organic and with less friction. I could basically write as I pleased, not be done, not worry about publishing or finishing. The idea behind the Going West work was to write with so-called door open and richly link between the articles where I wished. I don’t feel as much as I really like the blog and writing here that publishing my stories on wordpress is the best method or gives me the “never finished” feeling. Some of this I think comes from not giving time to the writing itself, building the stories yet again from publishing them first on the Ghost blog and then not publishing them on Obsidian.

So I decided I needed to simplify and decide a few things about the stories. The first thing is a break from social media completely which is only Mastodon for me. The second is being able to create and update the stories and then decide how I wish to publish them. I don’t feel they have to be on some digital garden or as a series of never finished notes. I have thought the writing could become simply an online expression and I would come up with a new order of publishing on wordpress with a different tag or category. I think as I go through the stories they all belong as a part of the blog here.

So for some bit of time, I won’t be logging into mastodon because I want to find some of the missing. Starting now also I will be creating some possible methods I wish to use to publish the stories on the blog. I had become endeared to the never finished and always editing “garage door open” thing but it has a downside for me. I want to get the words out there without just splitting the work between my blog and yet another site that then requires another editor.

I will be putting photos here on the blog which I have thought is the best place for them. Prior to leaving Mexico I will publish my first Going West stories to the blog. I have about 10 stories which I think need editing and cleaning up from having wikilinks in them but also include some updates to a few of the stories.

So if you look and I ain’t there…

Now you know why. I cannot do both. Cannot write and be on mastodon the way it was and I prefer to work on the stories and write here.

I’ll return at some point when I feel good again about the writing and have progress to how I wish to publish the stories.

Thanks for reading.

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