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We do Saturday

I had thought of a few things I could want to do today but I think instead I will head downtown tomorrow for the day. I love roaming around the historic central district. So many nice parks to visit, old buildings to take yet more photos of, and I can also just distance myself from others, eat outdoors, and not fear those that are maskless since about 95% of people here wear masks outdoors as well as obeying the indoor mask mandates. I kinda wonder why this Mexican state take things so much more seriously than a place like Texas or Arizona. I was in Houston earlier this year for the visa run and I doubt I will ever go back. That is one sad and angry city. I could have spent only 3 days there and been bored with it and left for Merida again but I spent 8 days.

Anyways, it is Saturday now so I decided to write a bit more on the train travels this weekend and also include some train trips in Vietnam I did. Perhaps it becomes the 4 parts or so of train trips. Just for fun, I did these:

  1. 2018 riding the train from Hanoi to Saigon Vietnam. It took 30 hours. That was something! No bullet trains and a lot of fun Vietnamese people to meet, drink some beer with, share food and talk with. Some with good English and others with google translate. Beer is a language of its own though.
  2. 2018 riding the bullet train in Japan from Tokyo to Hiroshima and then to Osaka. There’s nothing like this experience. One must do it!
  3. 2019 riding the high speed rail in Taiwan from Taipei south with days in each city along the way I wished. That was a fun train trip!
  4. 2020 Amtrak train travels from California to Texas and then from Orlando Florida to New York. Then on to Chicago and finally Seattle. All in a sleeper. Fun times!
  5. 2020 riding again in Vietnam from Hanoi to Ninh Binh to see a friend that lives there. I really did it for no reason other than to just go. I met a lady on the way back intent on sharing her food with me so I could not disappoint.
  6. 2021 Amtrak voyages from California to Chicago with 5 stops in Reno, Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha and finally to Chicago where I ended up staying in an airbnb for a week in uptown. Then east to Los Angeles with a week in Albuquerque and a train trip to Santa Fe for the day and to Las Vegas New Mexico and then Flagstaff and Los Angeles.

So anyways, I started thinking how I wanted to write this all up. There is a lot more unsaid about train travel I think. My friend AFT and I have discussed many times and there is a gentleness and fun to just the going. If you are a ”destination” kind of person you may not enjoy it. If you want to just go, nothing like train travel. I would say the bullet and high speed rail voyages were timely. The Shinkansen train team apologized for being early to arrive in Hiroshima. LOL. In Vietnam one never worries about things like clocks.

So I think somehow I will glue all this together over this weekend into numerous blog posts but it may be I don’t also. I never really know what it is I will do. Like today. I look at the calendar with 30 days left in Mexico and I have to admit to wanting to just go. I had good times here for a year but I feel like I did my time here. I could never be an expat here long term. They like “things” too much. I dislike things a lot. Cars and homes and property. Boats and entitled behavior. I have never figured out expats or digital nomads anywhere I have been. I think a whole bunch of Saturdays ago I stopped really trying. I have realized that that life is not the one that rings my bell. I want nothing that does not fit in a 60 liter travel bag. I want no mortgages and cars and stuff. This Saturday like my life for the past years is about the things I can carry with me that take no extra room. Memories, moments, and experiences far outweigh big or even small ticket items. They weigh us down, encumber us. Make us sometimes slaves.

There ya go. A Saturday of views and news and subterfuge. Just like this blog is all about.

  1. The stopped the mask mandate here and … me and mine were like wtf? Why oh why would you do that? We, of course, continue to wear a N95 when going anywhere were there will be people.

    I’m wondering why way down there, people can happily follow a mask mandate, but elsewhere it’s sooooooo difficult? It’s a funny old world.

    Looking forward to more stories and photos.

  2. Lots of train journeys, which I love. I’d like to do the bullet train one of these days. Did you do the sleeper on your 2021 Amtrak trails? I wonder how much they are these days.


    • Hey Ray. On the 2020 Amtrak travels I did nothing but the sleeper across the US. In 2021, I only took the sleeper twice on longer routes. The other routes like Emeryville to Reno and then on to Salt Lake City, Denver, Omaha and Chicago were coach tickets because I used the USA RailPass. Chicago to Albuquerque is a long ride so I bought the sleeper and then from Flagstaff to Los Angeles I got a sleeper. The sleeper cars seem to cost more now compared to the 2020 rides. The Shinkansen trip is to be experienced. The trains look like bullets and at one point heading south from Tokyo one sees Mt Fuji which is so beautiful. At 200mph or whatever it’s a trip. The Taiwan high speed rail goes at about 185mph but only the western side of the island. That ride was fun too.

      I think trains are the only way to go. If you have time Ray you have to do the California Zephyr ride that goes east or west from Chicago to California. It has to be the most beautiful ride. Here’s a photo album of just the train riding in 2021.

      I’ll try to get the bigger post up soon because I really like writing about train travels.

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