Friday morning blogging

I had thought of writing a Thursday evening blog post. Actually started one but decided to let it go. Friday seems a better morning to start than the Thursday finishing up with doing mostly nothing yesterday. Took a day off walking. Now I feel like walking today :-). I do have a thing to do today. My todo list:

  • pick up laundry

And that is it. As you can tell I don’t do todo lists. I don’t do shopping lists or reminders because there is nothing to be reminded for either shopping or things “out there”. I even invented a take on “GTD” which is completely opposite to whatever the heck GTD could be. I call my take,

Not getting things done

There are no contexts, review or the use of Notion to build complex scenarios or databases. Hope you like. You can do my way too. Just delete your GTD workflow completely. My take is you all spend way too much deliberating what must be done, spending money on screwy methods and techniques to track all the things. Color code them, prioritize them, make them due on a day. You also spend too much effort on turning things into projects BTW. Seems like a waste of time to me. I mean if you want to do something why not just do it or don’t do it. I could wait for laundry until tomorrow so there is no preferred date next to it or priority. So not Getting Things Done is all about you not about things. The big turn off for me is the middle word “things”. We focus way too much on things and then we want to combine things with times and dates and priorities. F all that. You too can subscribe to my wonderful lack of productivity methods. Don’t write anything down, don’t buy apps that equip you to manage all this stuff, miss a few things today and do them tomorrow, and finally relax. You think it matters to me if you don’t get thing A done or not? Nope. I could give a shit less.

So there you have the essence of the Mike lack of productivity method. Soon out in an ebook. If your room coffee has cooled off, pop it back in the microwave. I’ll wait…

Waiting, waiting, waiting.

Ok you back? Well goodbye. That is all there was to this Friday blogging thing.