in moments

Catching the New Day

Morning here again! Birds singing and the two cats which hang out but do not live here have not visited yet. Last night I had decided to go for a little stroll in the neighborhood but ended up because it was just beautiful out staying longer and just wandering some streets I had not been before.

Usually by 7pm, the rains have either stopped or decided to start again. Just not last night. Instead it was simply beautiful out to just go down the streets. I got back at night and was still marveling at just how beautiful it had been out. See the clouds moving in. Making a statement!

That’s what I saw. I was so taken with this cloud formation, I posted on Mastodon. It just seemed so unreal and fantastic like a giant fan spreading out over Merida.

Now I’m catching a new day. Coffee has been made. I’m still poking around on Cloudways but I’m pretty happy there. I turned down the DigitalOcean droplet but did not delete it. I’ll leave it powered off a few days to just make sure life is good. Being off some self-maintained thing is a relief since I have hated managing the server since forever. The new day also promises time to get laundry done down the street and figuring out what food will be.

Most of all now it is hearing the morning sounds, back door open, quiet Merida morning in full view. It is amazing how much different this is than Hanoi or Phnom Penh or name the Asian city. In Hanoi by 5am, things were happening. Teams of itinerant roosters letting us all know they were in charge. Motorbikes cascading the alley. The mango fruit vendors calling out. Here all is quiet except for the rare car that goes down our street.

Catching a new day finally means realizing how fast my time is winding down in Mexico. 33 days now to go. I got here with no real plan last year. I came up with the plan to go to Asia in June after reading how the countries were opening. Now my time narrows and I can see this next thing arriving. Three days in the US to see my daughter and an old friend or two. Then I go. Cannot lie. I am eagerly anticipating going to Southeast Asia. Mexico has been fun but it is no Asia. I need that Edge. This Edge has been nice too though and I’ve had some good times here.

Just catching the new day. But the days left are one less.