Life is a second cup of coffee

I was sitting here this morning just about as usual for the first things first part of things. I like to read a little news in the mornings, listen to music, and the first cup of coffee seems to take me to other places and times I have sat and done about the same. I think I have sat in some hotels, airbnb places, airports and train and bus terminals too with coffee. It is the mornings though like now in Merida with the sun shining so brightly the the first coffee seems to make a statement. I don’t have any expensive habits with coffee. I can do instant coffee just as easily as a nice latte or like yesterday my stop for the Grande Cold Brew on my Starbucks Sunday. Today it slows down to hearing the host’s cat greeting me at my open back door. I fantasize the cat is talking to me. Maybe telling me about her day so far. How it feels so good to be outdoors in the mornings when the air is so sweet and cool. I could answer back and tell her that life is sweet and to take advantage of the morning she has. Then perhaps she would smile that feline smile. Nod at me and wander away to do her work or play in the backyard.

For me, I consider moving from the first coffee which kinda gets me going to having a second in the room which often lets me decide to not do anything I had thought of doing the previous day. No I won’t go to the sporting goods shop and look at walking shoes. No I won’t wonder whether blogging is here to stay for me. There is no wonder in that. I’m pretty committed. I won’t think on my decidedly fractured family or those friends from the other days. People from 20 some years doing IT and infrastructure and cloud services. I’ve come to realize that they all have drifted away somewhere between a first and second coffee decades ago or sooner.

Instead I can sit here and maybe share some random photo that google photos gives me. How about this one? Yeah some coffee somewhere.

I think this from Malaysia. Perhaps Melaka on my hunt for coffee.

Now though this morning it’s easier to find the second cup of kopi or I mean coffee. So many coffees so many places.

Anyways, it is the first wondrous day of an August. My last August in Mexico. I think my first August too since I left for Puerto Vallarta in September last year. Day One helps me there with the pertinent facts. I write a lot about morning coffees it seems when I search there for coffee. LOL.

So I will just move this along a bit to my second coffee in the room. Feel that Merida sunshine tell me secrets. Hear the cat meow to its family. Feel cooler mornings and know they give way to warmer days. I’ll populate the second coffee here with a nice muffin and fruit and do a lot more of the whole nothing thing.

Second cup of coffee. Yeah. Bring it on.