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Going to be changing the site hosting

I got down to a few serious contenders to host the site to move of doing the VPS thing. Well, as serious as this blog is anyways. Thanks to @Kev on fosstodon for recommending Cloudways and others for telling me some less than desirable things about someone else I considered for awhile. I am going to test out Cloudways for three days but I like their service and approach to things using DigitalOcean since I am used to that but I never have to deal with that. It’s not that I hate dealing with Linux servers; it’s just that I hate dealing with Linux servers.

Anyways, the plan I am looking at represents a long term strategy for me blogging and moves me off this self-hosted thing which was good and I’ve enjoyed it a lot but I want something I can just write on and not deal with things like,

apt update


apt upgrade

Or any of those things. The main goal with the writing is to stay on WordPress because I enjoy it and I love the themes and plugins and being able to simply turn on webmentions and indie web stuff as I want without editing a bunch of stuff.

So I will make a few changes I think later in the month but just continue to write here and post images and stuff. They will migrate my site for me for free. I can login to Namecheap and make the changes to the DNS and then the site will be live again. So the question is when. I dunno. When is when I feel like doing it.

I also had some thought after playing with using Obsidian for note taking and so-called personal knowledge management. The truth is I don’t take notes and I don’t got no knowledge management either personal or any other way. So there is no longer a need to wonder about notes. I bring this up though because something I am interested in using a free obsidian publish service for writing. I’ve tested one out a few times called Quartz and I like the ease of just using Hugo and GitHub pages to create the garden. Right now though all the writing is in Ulysses and I’m very happy with that. I don’t link notes and I don’t personally manage my knowledge. I got a brain for that ya know :-).

So that’s the story.