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July ends

Another month sees fit to end for me. I went back and looked at some needs I have when I hit California for a few days. I hope to see my friend Sean on one of my three days but he has to come up from Santa Cruz so we will see. Also need the last booster shot. Found a few little things I want so I will probably get them.

The main thing is seeing my daughter I think and having a few American breakfast meals which I always miss. I will have something to pick up at the Amazon hub counter which is a handy way of getting stuff delivered. The nearest hub counter from my hotel is about a mile so I think a few small things there to get.

Finally there is 9 September and my sayonara song for the US. I’m reaching the point of wanting that long haul flight and the lay over for two hours in Korea. All told its 12 hours to Korea and then 5 to Phnom Penh. I will get in on 10 September at 1130pm so figure an hour to get the visa on arrival and get a taxi from the airport to downtown by the river. I decided to get this handy dandy e-sim for both the US and Cambodia so I have data when I get to both. Each place has a week plan for cheap. Once I get settled in Phnom Penh, easy matter to go to a Smart Store and get a monthly prepaid plan. Then I can top up the card from any store or even online. I have three weeks in Phnom Penh to do whatever it is I will do. Probably I will visit a few places I have not been in some years there. See a friend that owns a camera store. Try to find my friend AV.

But all that is after July and August ends folks. Now it is the last day of July and it is a Sunday. That means I take a nice walk to Starbucks later this morning and have my Sunday with grilled cheese and a cold brew coffee and then a longer walk back home. Kinda want to walk earlier so I miss the afternoon rain showers that seem to show up at 3pm or so each day.

Thinking Back

I happened to think back on last year. Perhaps it was July or so or August. I hopped the Amtrak California Zephyr train going east from Emeryville to its terminus in Chicago and spent days along the way at different stops. I bought the USA RailPass for this. Then I turned around and rode back to Los Angeles with a few stops in Albuquerque and Flagstaff. I spent a week in Albuquerque and a day and some in Flagstaff. Here’s a little going east. I posted different pictures on Mastodon :-). The trip east captured me easily and is probably worth a different blog post explaining the stops along the way. I’ll write something on that soon I think.

I do want to say riding the rails let me capture these moments that sometimes need no explanation. They are the view of a meandering rail voyage which seemed to always just move at my speed.

The travels are idyllic to say the least. Sitting in the observation car also let me find the scenes that make it the way. I also met people. Some interesting people going east. More on that later too.

Someone asked me once how to just go. Well, the answer is to just go. Don’t worry about arriving. That will take care of itself. For me, the main course has been going. Amtrak serves that up well for me.


I’m done with Amtrak. I did two years of train travels. In 2020 across the US in almost both directions and then this 2021. I’ll leave you with a sunset from the train in 2020. Somewhere in New York State. Riding the rails. Hoboing the places and finding the vagabond always wanting to just go.

Bye bye for now.

  1. @mpmilestogo It’s always good to see where you’ve been before embarking on where you’re going, for perspective. And, of course, re-enjoying the good bits.

  2. Still plenty of things always to do before jumping continents. And sounds like you’ve mapped out the first steps on arriving back in SE Asia. Always good to know where you’re going. I always like to plan certain essentials and leave a lot up to chance too, as that’s always worked for me.

    Not sure how I would feel about travelling anywhere these days. So, stay safe and get that 4th shot in these uncertain times. It’s always good to be topped up at in the vaccine column before travel.

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