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Friday Thunder and maybe rain

It seems like it could rain today but as of yet, no drops have fallen. I’d like to get out and walk and then find things to take photos of because it is what I like doing. It does not have to be some astounding thing and it’s better if not because the world is not made of big things for me. I can find sunsets and architecture but I look more for the flowers dancing down the wall in almost a careless abandon.

Not taken today but it really frames the things I enjoy most about the going out and walking. There’s time enough for bridges and sunsets and dramatic scenes. What I do believe is our world is made instead of smaller things. Competing textures of flower and wall that both hold us back and make us go forward. There is a basic beauty to how these beautiful flowers and their texture touch the more granular texture of the wall. Each have compelling facets and features to touch, embrace, and feel.

So when I go out later today, I also go looking for the small things which make the world seem a little different. Not the big differences because we find those easily most often. The small things offer a view into a world of sights, sounds, flavors and textures.

Soon rain

I think it will rain this afternoon just maybe. Then the world freshens up too. Thunder in the distance but the skies are not totally dark. By 6pm I will go out. I’ll find things to take and share and perhaps look back on and be so glad I saved them. In truth, I never delete photos. All of them, even the mistakes, I save. I have unlimited storage on Smugmug so why delete a photo ever? I may come back to it in months because I remembered something or forgot and was just looking at the photo stream.

Now I can hear the wind picking up and the rain is gonna fall soon. The little flower probably dances in the wind and rain. The scene changes by the moment. Just like my perception of it. I’m thankful to the iPhone for always being ready to keep my moments. It has been all I need for years. The digital cameras came and went and most often went. I grew tired of their demands and limitations. Batteries and SD cards and chargers and apps to download the photos or cables. Instead, the iPhone became the instrument of my pleasure and desire.

Now with the rain I can stop for a moment and consider my walking. My dinner later hopefully after it rains but I also have food in my room to eat.

Friday moves on and I think the weather has changed. The sky darkens and the wind goes. The thunder talks.

Happy Friday you all. Find a moment to see the little things.

  1. @mpmilestogo Did it eventually rain? they said thunderstorms hereforthe afternoon, but the wind here has been ferocious so it never arrived. Which was fine by me. And loved the flowers dancing against the wall.

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