in moments, places

Sunlight mornings and stormy evenings

Seems so wonderful the weather these days in Merida. I went out yesterday in the morning for some groceries. WalMart Express which is a smaller incarnation of the store is across the street and I really like their fresh fruits and bakery items. Down the street is a Super called Soriana in the mall I visit often. The food there is different but I like some of the fruit better. Right now as it happens, Dragon Fruit are in season so there are people selling them all over. I hope to see this young guy down the street selling them again.

and then…

The weather turns. By mid afternoon, say at 3pm, the clouds roll in and the storm starts. Yesterday from about 3pm to 7pm we had the weather so I listened to audiobooks, wrote a bit, wandered around on the web. By 630 or so with dusk approaching it got better so I headed out because I need to walk every day so I feel good. I had some things to think on as well and movement seems to always ease the process for me.

Anyways there were big puddles but I could find no really cool reflections to take photos of. In my neighborhood are all these streets arranged almost in a grid pattern where one walk in a direction and see the odd and even number streets sometimes in completely random order. Like I find a Calle 30 and then next to it is Calle 10 or something. Confusing? Well it helps to have google maps which is what just about everyone here uses. This happens most every day to me and I always laugh when one street has three different road signs with different numbers.

But now it is today and its simply gorgeous out. Today I do the laundry thing. Down the street a few blocks is my local lavanderia. I pay about $3 for next day service but I always tip them. My clothes come back clean and fresh the next day. Then after that perhaps tacos down the street or I will do something else. I like sitting in the mall but you probably know that already. It is an easy place to go sit and accomplish nothing.

Anyways, that is my day and some reflection on weather, streets, and wandering here.