in moments

meeting the times

I decided today to spend a bit of time with some audiobooks on YouTube. It’s easy to find so many wonderful books. Short stories, Sherlock Holmes novels, ghost stories. So many great times to just listen to some quality narrators of some classic stories. As an example. Today I queued up The Time Machine by HG Wells. Read by a wonderful story teller the book has always hinted at deeper and darker meanings for our race on time. This traveler finds worlds so worth visiting but captured in words.

These stories are all free and the story tellers often do this for the love of the word.

So I sat marveling at the wonderful way words move us. From a machine taking a man to worlds to Arthur Conan Doyle telling us about the wonder of Holmes.

All of these excursions are free for the searching on YouTube. I sometimes spend hours listening to them. Finding common ground with a Dickens story told fresh.

Today the storms sped up. The rain fell. Lightning and thunder sounded across the city I was safe. Perhaps walking some dark alley with Holmes and Watson on the trail of a mystery.

Wonderful times. Words are power.