in places

Saturday Mornings always seem to be about…

  1. Coffee. I really like to walk to the mall for coffee with all the grownups. I try to adult then. My daughter would probably tell me I fail miserably.
  2. Food. I like having the torta at the mall. I can sit at the mall for hours and speculate on nothing in particular. Pay your money. Get the coffee. Claim a table. The other older guys always nod at me and smile. I get a “buen dia” in the mornings and I smile and ask how they are. I get a rush of Spanish and English and its fun. Most of all waves. One asked me the other day if the Torta was good. I told him “perfecto” and he smiled and ordered one too.
  3. People. There are people at the mall. Real live people. I see kids running by tugging the hands of the mom or dad. The boy sees a hundred things that tug at him. Ice cream and and toys and running the long walkway as mom and dad smile and watch.
  4. Thinking of something or nothing. It seems I think sometimes or play at thinking. That’s when I have the studious look but nothing is going on behind the eyes. I just sit with the cafe americano grande and pretend.
  5. Reading. I can read my book now on my iPhone on the kindle app. I gave up on the kindle device and decided it is just easier to read on my iPhone. Hell, I do just about everything on the iPhone so I guess notifications and alerts are okay when reading or I just use a focus mode. Thanks for that Apple. Engage reading focus!
  6. Finally there is writing. The Ulysses app on mobile is no slouch. Unlike to me Obsidian on mobile which is a pain. It always seems like the developers decided to shrink the desktop app down to some obnoxious size while retaining all the menus. Trying to click one of the little gear things on the left. Man. Someone needs to clean that whole thing up. They should make it look like Craft for heaven’s sakes. Give it some enjoyment and love on mobile.

All of these things I am thinking about as I get ready to go. I know I will probably publish this post at the mall because it is almost time for coffee and some society there. It is also Saturday. I don’t have some schedule or path on any day besides maybe Sundays when I go to Starbucks to do all the things above as well.

I also will go out and take photos. I do that just about everywhere anyways. To me, it is about cataloging and chronicling the where and how and when and why of things. Now it is Merida. In 43 days California.

I suddenly realize with the clock it is only 10:35am. Do I wanna go now or just do nothing longer and listen to music? I think I will wait. Well I waited until 11am. Now at the mall exercising all the above. Or not.

And that is a Saturday for me.