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Days going by

I have this website I bookmarked that lets me see the day count between two dates. I’ve been kinda watching it tick down here in Merida realizing now I’ve reached 45. I’ll be publishing my part 2 of Mexico wandering after August 17th so I can include a last thing I am doing then. The last part is about some places I managed to reach. I won’t do a spoiler but I have to say that the place that stuck with me is Bacalar from a tour I did but we did more than that. I’ve posted more than my share of lagoon pictures here and on Mastodon. There were these wonderful and completely different archeological sites as well.

The really cool thing about these sites is the access. We basically had no other tourists or visitors on either site. I’ll remember visiting the sites and will also be visiting Angkor Wat again in Siem Reap when I get there in October.

At the opposite end of the country and the view had to be La Paz when I went there for some days. La Paz is a wonderful mix of beach city but so different from Puerto Vallarta. Wonderful stretches of Malecon with small restaurants and the cold, cold Dos Equis beer places I always found.

But then also were the historic and central district areas. I spent a day wandering the downtown and there is a lot to love about the narrow streets, wonderful parks and historic sites.

I guess one other thing is if you like food. I had some of the best breakfasts ever in La Paz. I just searched on google maps and found all these places. I only had three days so I was somewhat limited but if you ever get there you must try any of the breakfast places. Chilaquiles forever!


Getting back to the count of days, 45 seems like so little yet each day is rich beyond words for me even if like today I am lazy and just look at the photos and conspire on the words to tell you before my part 2. I’m pretty excited to leave to be honest. Mexico has been mighty good but it was always meant as a year endeavor after leaving Vietnam last year. Then I had no real idea what I would do but I kinda built it all in a airbnb room in Daly City, California in 2021. Get the covid vaccines, buy the USA RailPass and leave on the California Zephyr going east from Emeryville to Chicago. Then come on back. I had hoped to see some friends from the IBM days but due to covid and her husband being immunocompromised I could not make it. Instead I rode Amtrak back to Los Angeles and then caught the original flight to Mexico.

That was then. Now it is almost a year later. Mexico has been mighty good to me. I had some moments where I looked around and thought,

this is it for me

This happened in Bacalar mostly. There is something magical besides the town there. There is the peace and tranquility of the lagoon, the wonderful people there, and just the feeling of slowing even more. But, I think, out there always was going back to Asia and I had missed the chance because of visa law changes in March this year. That meant I came back for 174 days just to Merida. I had to leave Mexico after 180 days because of how the FMM tourist visas work but I simply love the no BS of being able to just come here and live for six months at a time.

From 174 to 45. What a count of days spent in a beautiful and unique city and some wonderful little trips taken. A friend in Vietnam asked if I would come back to Mexico but the answer is no. Once I go in September I go. I have this dream in 2023 of reaching the pyramids in Giza, seeing Istanbul, visiting a friend in Dubai I used to work with in India. Dreams folks. Stuff I still have as the 45th day left ticks on by.

What a wonderful set these days have been. Hasta Luego everyone! Have a wonderful day.