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Changes for the blog

When I started the blog on wordpress here, I thought I would give the whole thing a shot again. Writing, creating, and using Ulysses to publish. I left behind Obsidian and Craft because while they are cool and do all kinds of neat things with links, they are not what I desired. I basically wanted a writing platform. Not a note taking one that might be wrestled by exporting to become a semi, almost publishing platform. I settled on just using what I have used to write longer and shorter pieces and I believe Ulysses represents the best for me writing platform. I am not a note taker at all but I do have a few topical or thoughts on notes I keep.

I also started this on DigitalOcean because there is no commitment and I could just stop when I wanted, destroy the VPS, still have all my posts, and move on. I decided to give things awhile to see if I felt like blogging was something I wanted again. Truth is I do but DigitalOcean is not a long term and viable thing for me. It is great for quickly bringing something up, playing around, but when the change happens to something long term, I start wanting something different. I could just pay for the VPS as I am now. I could go on with that but when I add up the cost and compare it to a hosted solution where I don’t log in and run apt update or care for the OS or try to wrangle out something, I come up against my dislike for Linux probably fueled by decades of doing it at an enterprise and corporate level going back to the late 1990s.

So, what I decided in September is to move the blog hosting to GreenGeeks and have them host the blog for me. The cost is much less and for my writing, wanting to have the blog available as I go, it seems to make more sense to me. I’ll be exporting the posts and then moving the domain services to point at GreenGeeks around September. Undoubtedly I will mess up something so its probably good I have all this wonderful material archived.

I did mess around with this Obsidian publishing thing on the free using a GitHub thing recently. It is just more work for me and I’m basically a lazy person who wants to write and push publish. I’ve spent some cycles removing the wikilinks to give me back the writing experience in Ulysses. Truth be told, I also have a longer term work that I have written on and off again over the months plus some periodical stories I wish to post. I am gonna hold off on some of that until I make the change. I guess though you are stuck with me blogging again at this domain because I am also tired of custom domains and will let the few other domains lapse. I’m tired of services that begin with the letter D and always have been.

Anyways, that’s my story this Monday. In September when my account reaches a parity point on DigitalOcean, I’ll do the little move to a longer term thing. This also means I believe that blogging for me is a longer term thing but I don’t feel like messing with platforms or their limits so I am not gonna go looking for some wonder minimalistic static site generation thing.

I’ve found that I want to write again over the last weeks. Write on a blog. Release my stories. Write more BS posts that I seem to do every so often.

That’s my story.

What’s yours?