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Sunday Morning in July

Wow! Seems time is intent on passing. Today marks my 50 days left in Mexico. I also go off to Starbucks today later for my regular Sunday jaunt for cold brew coffee and a grilled cheese sandwich and people watching.

Back awhile ago on some blog platform I would start a post in the morning and then add to it as the day went on and then publish it at night with photos or whatever. Definitely more words. I did this several times on day trips but those posts are lost to history and my sometimes faulty memory. I did a wonderful day trip though back in the US in 2021 when I want to Santa Fe New Mexico from Albuquerque. It was not the last day trip but it was one riding a train a few hours to Santa Fe and then back to the city at the end of the day. The Rail Runner runs from downtown Albuquerque to Santa Fe and it is a really cool ride. In many places, photos are not allowed as one goes through tribal lands.

So I believe I wrote somewhere on that adventure but I think a photo or some go past the words in many ways. So here is my Santa Fe day trip in photos.

Its worth noting my next day trip is going to Chichén-Itzá this Friday. On a bus there and back. I had signed for a tour but tours like that do too much and I wanted the time I wanted to wander the site. I bought the bus ticket there online but getting back is a bus but I cannot get the ticket until I am there. So maybe I will write some on visiting the site :-). I know I will. Maybe I will even make it back. LOL.

This was fun reliving the going and the photos. If you want all the photos, there are here. Also a lot of fun remembering the train travels last year. Perhaps a post on that sometimes since it was my last Amtrak dream trip and it let me visit so many places via the USA RailPass.

Enjoy your Sunday. Gonna head off to Starbucks. Beautiful day in Merida.

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