in moments

Little things on a nice walk

So I share some photos on Mastodon often but I get done with a nice and basic dinner and I always then feel like writing some stuff on the blog. The blog basically goes to mastodon too thanks to the ActivityPub plugin. But the real thing is to do what I enjoy doing and get a lot of joy out of. The simple act of finding little things to photograph with my iPhone 12 Pro. I have always liked to find certain geometries and shapes and then try a little post processing in them. Nothing major because to my old eyes the iPhone does pretty well on its own but I do like some black and white on occasion.

For some reason it tells some other story through the wonderful and ornate bars and into a small courtyard with even more intricate shapes. These things can be found all over Merida and I also found them in Hanoi Vietnam very often. Some small scene would always get me going. I wanted to know the story but of course I could not. So I invented a story instead. But the photos tell more because everyone can invent their own story. This intrigued me to the view inside with the next set of bars in the window. The second floor on the left. The plant placed to limit a view or make the view better. Your choice. The reflections on the internal windows. Little details that make life seem so much more complex and simple at the same time.

But then, I don’t know the real story here. I only know what I saw and how happy I was to find my interpretation.

Now I leave it for you and your own view. See what you think.