in moments

writing words at the mall

I often come to Fiesta Plaza Mall for coffee whenever. The people are nice and tease me just a bit when I don’t have the torta and coffee.

And I can sit with the iPhone and read or write and enjoy the people watching probably as much as the others enjoy it. There are the regulars. A group of older men they wave at me and always wish me buen dia. The barista smiles and teases me today. I did not do the torta.

One of the things I really want is to write more here. To note the common and rare and find my way to them both. I would normally share on mastodon but this blog does that too. So it fulfills a desire to write once and share with no effort. Because I am lazy but my words come quick.

Truth is I enjoy this more than sharing on mastodon with the character limits. Or an app or the web interface. What I’ve tried is to limit those apps which give me notifications or page me in favor of just the creation part.

It’s come to me then that this blog and the words are slowly taking the place of a lot of text interactions on mastodon for me. I still enjoy sharing photos there and finding people with interesting, fun, provocative words or images but this seems much better to me.

The creation part really takes me to other times when I wrote on x or y platform. More about the writing and creation than the popularity and likes or boosts. More of words with my coffee. In the mall. Just a Friday morning watching. Coffee at the ready.

Let it ride.