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Out walking this evening

And of course this and that occur to me. Little thoughts that seem to propel themselves when I take a step. I have been trying to not count the days left in Mexico but it is hard when I have this website that tells me if I want. I got here in March with 174 days on this tourist card. Mexico is nice. It gives 180 days at least to me with no questions asked. There is just a simple form that they stamp when I arrived in Merida in March. The same thing happened last September on my first jaunt to Mexico. I left that time after 178 days for Houston, Texas. I probably will never, ever, ever, ever go back to Houston. I don’t recall being in such a depressing and angry city yet there is this divide with upscale dining and bars here and there. I had this little tour one night with my airbnb host. I guess she wanted to impress on me how truly wonderful Houston was to live in. Well, did not match up with what I saw over 8 days.

Anyways, I came back and was so glad to get back to Merida. A place where masks and distancing and respect for others seems to go a lot farther. Truth of the matter is even now after outdoor mask requirements have been lifted, about 90% of the people wear masks outdoors. Security at malls and restaurants have been tough on letting people in without masks. I went to this Chinese buffet for dinner once and was getting seconds and forget the mask. I was asked respectfully to please put my mask on. So its a serious business even if it is not in Houston where people wander around without them in and outdoors.

So I thought of all this leaving in 50 some days. Leaving Mexico still seems an emotional thing to me after being here a year and just loving the life here. A friend in Vietnam asked what was so special here. I think it comes to:

  1. The way of life. There is a relaxed and gregarious and social nature to life here. Things may happen today or mañana. That fits well with my evolution :-).
  2. The food, beer, fun factor. Merida and Puerto Vallarta before it are fun places. Merida is a colonial city but at some other level with Dunkin Donuts and Chili’s restaurants next door just about to taco stands. Wonderful malls to escape into with Haagen Das ice cream and tech stores with the most wonderful AC ever.
  3. Most of all. The people. Wonderful, friendly, authentic people especially in the Yucatan. Smiles and nods and greetings all the time. Young and old. The men in tailor shop tell me each morning good morning.
  4. The places to go and things to see. Wonderful places to go. I’m telling you. I guess the one that has stuck with me is Bacalar and its lagoon of so many colors. It had this peaceful and tranquil feeling that just made all things slow way down. Sitting on the balcony. Watching the sunset and the lagoon turning to green and the brightest blue. A solitary boat traipsing across the scene. You know. Like this…

All the things conspire to create this texture and feeling. Like life there slows way down and lets you find a new pace to things.

So out walking and more

But then I think on going back to Asia again. It has been a year but it has felt like longer but my moments have been so graced with Mexico and its people and the places.

Soon I will publish my two part story here on Mexico. I decided to wait on the first part and make sure it reads the way I want. The second part is about the places I was fortunate to go. That one will wait even longer because I still have two places to go. One is Chichén Itzá and the other is Campeche. Both occur in the next three weeks or so.

And it has dawned on me that these days were days and my steps were so blessed. I had my Mexico folks. It blended itself, built itself, gave itself just to me. And I took it because it was offered with no strings attached.

Asia though. Asia holds me still. My Lily awaits in Can Tho Vietnam. Then I think of Vietnam again even for 30 days. That wonderful feeling of all the circuits dancing and feelings propelling themselves.

And then I know I cannot stay in Mexico. Because Asia needs me back. My steps ended. I ate some cheap dinner from WalMart. Bought some beers. I’ll sit tonight and let the steps and the dreams flash over me again.


  1. Your list is great, esp. #3. I have fond memories from a few years ago when I camped in Mexico through Christmas and a family there invited me, a total stranger, into their lives for Christmas dinner. It such a beautiful and special moment.

    Over the next few days they’d take me around their town and introduce their friends and I was very welcomed. They have such big hearts and kind souls.

    I plan on going back for sure.

    Keep sharing those wonderful stories!

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