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Then there was one

Its Mexico of course!
Its Mexico of course!

I woke up this morning thinking I would write this post. I change things up with domains so this time with WordPress I went with this one. Why? I dunno. It is the way it is. I also decided to not do the Substack thing on a whim and just publish it all on WordPress. Truth is it is easier to do that with Ulysses. I keep up with a few blog and writers out there so either visit their blogs in my RSS reader of choice or just visit the site itself. Particularly thanks to you folks. You know who you are.

Then there is this one silly little blog with yet another domain name because I just felt like it. I have a feeling this one will stick around because I have been thinking on how I want to write and where a lot during my little break from some networks. One of the things is to publish my year in Mexico retrospective. This comes in two pieces and I just decided to have this on WordPress (here) before end of August.

I leave for California on 6 September. I got to Mexico this time on 16 March. Time has flown by it seems and I’ve done a few things and gone some places. I get to go back and see my daughter and then see an old friend or two from the .com days doing Linux startups. I am particularly excited for both to happen but I also feel this siren calling. Asia has been more on my thoughts and feelings lately and I’ve been writing more the last few days on going back, building a story on Phnom Penh Cambodia since it will be my home for awhile. Really though, the time coming up signals a return to the slow wandering I love so much. I’ll get to Vietnam in October for a month and see some people I have not seen in over a year. My wonderful Lily awaits me patiently. Or not. I don’t think my Lily has a lot of patience. The last time it seems to see her was my birthday in 2020 perhaps or after that in Hanoi.

Gonna publish this about right now and will copy it over to mastodon so people can see I actually was writing and not doing nothing. I do nothing a lot so there is that too. I also have decided to make this blog more of a personal endeavor and let it be home to words and thoughts. I particularly liked Ray’s take on writing lately. Thanks Ray!

Also thanks to Mikka for letting us all follow along on his stories and walking his Camino 2022. Even in hotter temperatures!

Now it is another morning in Merida Mexico. The cool morning breezes will soon turn warmer and I’ll do a few little things today like wander around aimlessly, pick up my laundry from the service, and think on Asia.