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Creating Content on the blog and substack

I recently added two things for writing. One is the use of wordpress again for a personal blog but on a domain I hope most people know nothing about. The second is substack.

Back awhile ago I started creating these travelogues of various places out of interest in just creating the works but also to fuel any additional writing I may do when I go. I did not anticipate that these would become blog posts or newsletters but the way they work seems very conducive to my new writing. I believe it works this way.

  • create a travel note for a place and include any references or ideas or plans or whatever for it. Perhaps a photo or wikipedia link. The note can be about anything or any place at all. There is no format for it so each one is unique and is just what I wish to put into it. I do this in Craft because I enjoy the writing quite a bit and moving the travelogue note to some other folder is easy. I can also just copy and paste the words. At some point I reach my own end point or a place to stop.
  • since I started with Substack I have wanted to be able to write effortlessly without a web browser until the end. Now I do all the writing and add in images and notes or update or whatever in Craft. When I reach a good point with the document, I move it to Ulysses and all images are retained. I can then decide if it is a Substack article or a blogpost in Ulysses. If its a Substack thing, I export to HTML and then just copy and paste the document into the web editor. If its a blog post it gets posted in Ulysses to WordPress.

What this does is create a round trip of editing and creation which I really like and lets me use native apple tools to create, update, edit and post. Craft is always the idea factory, writing and design place. Ulysses is the final proofing and delivery. Sharing or exporting is always a deal it seems until you come to the brain dead method of pushing out a note to Ulysses from Craft. Craft just gives an export direct option so I hit that button and the post shows up in Ulysses. There is a link to the original article. I just delete it. It also works on the iPhone with both apps. There is no real integration to Substack besides to share out the sheet in Ulysses as HTML and copy and paste. For WordPress it is really nice. Export to publishing and my WordPress site comes up.

Works very good for me.

I think if people are looking for an easy to use workflow for document creation, editing, and then moving the notes to some kind of publishing system, this works well. It can be done on both a MacBook and an iPhone easily since the tools are the same.

I’m going to continue writing my travel notes in various formats and then using them either on the blog or in my upcoming newsletters. You can find the newsletters here.